Now that we are coming out of the Covid 19 crisis I think we can all agree that our respective State Governments and stronger Men’s Shed Associations have done a great job in leading us through this pandemic.

Now is the time to consider the future. What are we facing as the Men’s Shed movement in Australia post Covid 19?

During this phase we have learnt that there is a requirement for strong and active Men’s Shed State and Territory associations as State governments and their departments have relied on them to pass on the differing requirements to all of the Sheds in their respective States not just to their members.

We believe that Federal funding is going to be under great pressure in the short term and that more reliance will be placed on State Governments, State sponsors and local entrepreneurs with Sheds having to seek out new ways of gaining the support, funding and income that they need to remain sustainable.

All Sheds are independent and make their own decisions, however, you are encouraged to become positive in your thoughts and actions. Now is the time to get involved and support your State or Territory Association.

These Associations need more involvement and input from Sheds. What is needed are dedicated volunteers to help support these organisations to operate in the new “normal”. Please become a contributor. We can all start with our own Shed to help keep it working together for the benefit of all members and our communities. Then we will be able to help to make our gatherings, zone or cluster meetings beneficial to all the Sheds involved by exchanging information and encouraging each other.

Finally make sure your State or Territory association is a member of the Council of Australian Men’s Shed Associations Ltd (CAMSA} in order to ensure that the Men’s Shed movement has a unified State or Territory feedback and input into Federal matters. CAMSA is the world’s longest-established Men’s Sheds association, incorporated on 24 October 2006 under the name Mensheds Australia Ltd (MSA).

MSA was completely revamped in 2019 to its current structure and renamed to reflect its new role in 2020. Further details are available at and we encourage you to visit this site. Please let us know if you have any questions.

As we currently do not have a complete database of shed contacts, across Australia, we would encourage you to share/talk about the above with not only your members, but with other sheds.


The board of CAMSA.