This is the Presidents Report to the Council of Australian Men’s Shed Associations Ltd AGM held 17th November 2020

I believe the highlights of this year have been the obtaining of the title to the property at Drake and subsequent sale of the property as well as the change of name from Mensheds Australia Ltd to Council of Australian Men’s Shed Associations Ltd., followed closely by the announcement of the review of AMSA and the NSDP.

The board has also moved from teleconferences to zoom meetings which allows us visual contact and the ability to view the documents we are talking about. Board members and officers have worked well together and are congratulated on their unity of purpose in these hard times.

CAMSA contacted many of the sheds in Australia and asked them to support their state associations only to be sent a legal notice to “cease and desist” by the lawyers representing AMSA. We also contacted the 253 Federal politicians by individually addressed email seeking their support for state associations. Many responded directly and many others passed our request onto the Minister for Health to follow up. This may have helped the announcement of the review by two consultant firms that are to report back at the end of the year.

CAMSA has forwarded a report on the questions posed by the review consultants and has also participated in a video conference with the consultants and we await the results of this review.

The advent of Covid 19 has brought about a renewed look at the importance of having strong state associations to look after the sheds in their areas. With the closing of borders and restriction of travel the impossibility of servicing sheds from a central location in Newcastle NSW has been well and truly exposed.

The VMSA is still resisting being a part of CAMSA believing that they can go it alone and that the Federal government will support individual states rather than a single federal body, time will tell if this is to be the case.

The coming year looks like being very important to both the unity of Men’s Sheds in Australia and the future direction of CAMSA.

Our first item of business will be to establish the Men’s Shed in Drake as soon as practical so we can move on to building and supporting state and territory associations.

Trevor Taylor,